Hiiiiii So, as most of you all probably know (but something I always seem to forget) your nails need TLC too. I’ll put on a facemask weekly, exfoliate, religiously moisturise, but ALWAYS forget to look after my nails. Recently my nails have been even weaker than usual. They’ve been breaking, flaking, and just not looking […]

Bio Oil

Hiiiii So for those of you who don’t know, a few months ago I moved to London. I down-sized my life into one suitcase (thinking about it now I should’ve totally packed two suitcases!) and made the leap. One of the few things that I did pack was this teeny tiny bottle of Bio Oil, […]

Hiiiiii So, if you follow Smudged Beauty on Instagram (which you totally should because I update that way more often than I blog here) you will already know how much I love the Avene brand.  I’ve spoken about their Cleanance range recently, aaaaand their serums, and their spring water, their face masks, I mean, everything […]

Ok, so if you ever read any of my posts or see any of my Instagrams, you know that I’m always looking for some miracle product to hydrate my dry skin. I use many different combinations, I try hydrating masks, I just feel like my skin cannot get enough. Thanks to rubybox I got to test out […]

avene cleanance

Heyyyy. So, I’m not sure if I sub-tweeted Avene or their PR company, or if they somehow read my mind. But my skin has been giving me a few small issues lately. Just some breakouts that normally never happen, and I’ve been looking for something to sort that out. Then, just a few days later, […]

LOV lip oil and lip scrub

Heyyyyy. So for me, winter wreaks havoc on my lips. They are often dry, sore, flakey. It’s a nightmare. EVERY SINGLE WINTER. And even though winter is over, I’m still dealing with the aftermath. I got sent a cute little package from LOV Cosmetics featuring these two babes – a smoothing lip scrub, and a […]

Hiiiiiii. Rimmel London have just launched some new matte lip colours, which come in some aaaaah-mazing shades. Their lasting power matches my ultimate matte lipstick from Yardley, so based on that – these babies are totally worth the R199.99 on rubybox. I swatched all of these babies in my Instagram Stories, thankfully I saved the photos […]

Ladies, how do you get a bikini-ready body? Well, you take your body right now, and you put it in a bikini. Done. Slight rant over. Anyway, if you do have some cellulite concerns (according to the internet that is 90% of women), then you have to give these two Elancyl babies a try. The […]

Hiiii. So if you’re someone like me, who needs to get their roots done like every 8 weeks, and who ALWAYS forgets to make the appointment and then my hairstylist at Scar is full, and then you go into a mad panic and *gasp* even consider going somewhere else to get your hair done, then […]

The Body Shop Drops of Youth

Hiiiii So I’ll cut straight to the chase, lately, I’ve been concerned about the fine lines around my eyes, crows feet, or whatever you want to call them. I woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and I was like “where the ffff did those things come from?” It wasn’t a great day. Since then, […]